Deep Immersion

Creating A Permanent Culture Of Wellness Through Alignment Of Self And Balance With Nature

Experience The Power And Beauty Of Hawaii’s Big Island

Our land is sacred. Coco Wasi is a three acre off-grid property with over 20 types of fruit. We rely upon the sun for our power, the rain for our water. This land has been an important part of the community for over 30 years. Victoria owned the land in the past and in 2016 we were given the opportunity to buy it back. Here we love to be, connecting into the aina, tending to the abundance of growth and vegetation, sharing the tranquility.

These gatherings are about remembering our inherent nature and connection to all things at all times. Here we help each other to awaken to the beauty of this existence, to recognize the light and to see the little child in each one of us. To reestablish our connection to the Earth Mother and the fruits of abundance she provides, to play, to dig in the dirt, to be creative, to step outside our normal routine and refresh ourselves. These gatherings, and all of our work, is about letting go of the things that have held us back and creating the space for new things to come into our lives.

And we get to explore the island at various times. Beautiful waterfalls, swimming and snorkeling, dolphins and whales. The Big Island is a powerful energy with incredible beauty and the ability to help us grow, shift, transform…when we are ready.

Dive into the Nature-Spirit connection through exploration of self and surroundings. Discover processes for inward restoration and balance, clearing the nervous sytem and opening into limitless possibility of creation. Reclaim that deep love for self though daily practices that include silence and meditation, earth interdependence, creative expansion. Four sacred circles.

Deep Immersion FEB 16-25, 2024 (9 nights accommodation) $3250 Register
Deep Immersion  MARCH 15-24, 2024 (9 nights accommodation) $3250 Register

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